Do you have questions?  Here are few frequently asked questions I believe can help guide your decision.

How will I benefit from coaching sessions with Coach Cherie J.?

The benefits for Emotional Well-Being sessions include the prospective client becoming resistant from stress, guilt, anxiety and depression. Also the ability to manage the uncertainty of change and transform their lives, ability to identify and operate from their strengths, with confidence in their abilities, as well as, increase their ability to live from the standpoint of positivity and possibility.

The benefits of Social Well-Being sessions include the prospective client being able to communicate effectively to convey thoughts, ideas and needs, develop and maintain friendships and social network, and turn passive or aggressive behaviors into confident, positive and assertive skills.

Am I able to set up a payment plan for sessions?

Coach Cherie J is more concerned about your overall well-being and will create a payment plan for sessions. Electronic payments are the only method accepted.

What if I live out-of-state or out of the Country?

With the advances in technology, Coach Cherie J. is able to conduct coaching sessions with clients in any geographical area with an internet connection.

How many sessions will I need?

Each client has different needs.

It depends on the needs of the client. Depending on your goals and needs you may feel comfortable with 3 sessions, but Coach Cherie J recommends 9 sessions to see tangible results.